Shoujoboy's Shadows of the Damned Game Review

Rated: 5

If you've played Gears of War you've pretty much played Shadows of the Damned. The main difference is that you aren't dealing with any cover mechanics and strategy is never necessary. It has that same feel in it's controls and you still have the whole "stomp the enemy into the ground" thing going on but this is more just run and gun and never look back. It's a game that's never difficult, even on it's hardest setting and never seems to get you too excited with over-the-top action or tense situations. You might mess up here and there but you'll never be stuck anywhere too long.

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Shoujoboy's Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game Review

Rated: 7

Here's where the glowing review will lose a little bit of it's luster.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that if you were a master of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and you expected those skills would carry over... well, think again. There's no more LP, HP, LK, HK going on, instead it went for Weak, Strong, Fierce and a pop-up button. You don't ever have to wonder if a character pops up the other with a down+HP or just a HK, there's one button that does that for every character. It takes some getting used to and definitely takes a while to reprogram yourself from your Marvel vs Capcom 2 days.

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Shoujoboy's Hoshi no Koe Ova Review

Rated: 4

Voices of a Distant Star is much like a famous painting that you just don't like. You can look at it and appreciate it's beauty and the work that went into it but you simply can't find yourself liking it despite that appreciation. When you read about it on paper and understand that Makoto Shinkai pretty much made this entire thing on his own, you can't help but want to shake the guy's hand. The English localization team credits is larger than the animation, seiyuu, director, producer and screenwriter of the original release combined. So as a solo work, it's nothing short of amazing.

But, it's not my job to tell you what you should appreciate. My job is to tell you whether you'll enjoy this and if I did. Fact is, it's simply not enjoyable.

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